Hi, I'm Ted.

Software Engineer.

I love writing code and helping others with technology.

I've been a tech geek since I was a kid. In middle school, I taught myself C++ and have never looked back. Since high school, I've worked on a number of coding projects for fun and for profit.

I'm now working at LinkedIn as a Software Engineer. I was hired as a Front end Engineer, though I spend a solid amount of time learning about backend technologies, software design, microservices, machine learning, and other topics. Most of my recent work has been in Java, and I plan to transition to more backend oriented work soon after.

I am not available for hire at the moment, however I am always open to interesting project proposals, and have left this site up as it was when I was applying for jobs most recently.

Email me.


Feel free to reach out to me about software development opportunities with explosive growth potential, product ideas, or consulting inquiries.
Note: I receive many inquiries and odds are, I will not respond to your message. However, if an opportunity sounds right up my alley, I may reach out to you at a later date if I become available.

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